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Our Products & Services

Starting with advanced ultrasonic and data sciences, PST brings it's cloud and patented detection, verification and measurement products & devices to commercial, government and military markets.

Already in use by the U.S. Navy and Customs agencies, our economical, fast implementation solutions are used for increased Security, Asset Management, Health & Safety, Theft and Fraud Detection purposes.

Easy-to-Use Cloud-based, Time-Series Data Capture and Analytics

  • SDK with Authenticated APIs
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard
  • User-defined Alert Notifications
  • Extensive Networkng Options
  • Easy Implementation & Low-cost Pricing Options

Portable Point & Shoot
Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Devices

  • Contraband Detection
  • Material Identification
  • Chemical or Quantity Alterations
  • Field Maintenance Testing
  • Continuous, Realtime Monitoring

Mobile Verification Solutions

  • Manifest Validation
  • Chemical Alteration
  • In-Transit Leakage
  • Fill Levels

Fixed Tank Solutions

  • In-Ground
  • Above Ground